How fast could I build a small digital agency together with a marketeer?

The answer is a week. Not skipping any steps, but keeping it lean and fast.
Product designer
Nov 2020 - Currently
First things first.
We did a brief workshop and quickly defined some of our core values, who are we? What problem are we solving? And who are we doing it for?
We are unafraid to explore new dimensions.
We have a no nonsense attitude.
We create with heart and pleasure.
User central
We build brands that impact lives.
What problems are
we solving again?
1. Helping brands express themselves
2. Empowering businesses to explore their full potential
3. Make business grow
Close collaboration.
Wirframing alongside a marketeer helped us to stay in touch with our goals, not getting lost in the details.
Let’s add
a little spice.
Open website
What did I learn?
Designing with effort in mind
Building the website myself helped me make design decisions up front that would save me time later. Preparing the design for fast execution.
Not getting stuck on details
We had to move fast which meant I had to make compromises. Picking my battles carefully, staying lean but not letting go of my standards.
Webflow teacher
Matt Spieg 💜